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February 2021 Newsletter


REMINDER: Utility bills can now be paid by E-Checks through the Village payment portal – There is a $1.25 processing fee per transaction, but no additional fees for these payments. To take advantage of this easy pay option, you will need to set up an online utility account. Signing up for an online utilities account is a simple climate-responsible step you can take to reduce the amount of paper consumed by the Village in processing your utility bills. Please visit to register. You will need your utility account number and the last payment amount.  Once enrolled, you will receive email notifications that your bill is ready. At that time, you will be able to view and print your bill, as well as access your account history online. Any questions regarding the online portal, emailed utility bills in general, or signing up for email notifications of Village news and events, can be directed to

From the Mayor’s Desk

Hello Neighbors,

Colgate has successfully completed its spring semester quarantine and we welcome the students’ safe involvement in community activities again.  We hope for an early Spring so that outside activities can resume and expand the available opportunities for us all.  It is gratifying to learn of so many who are able to access the vaccine, but please remember to continue to follow the pandemic protocols: face masks and safe distancing. We all must work together to keep the community safe.

It has been wonderful seeing so many enjoy the Village ice rink!  Residents of all ages are taking advantage of this special venue and we are grateful to the DPW crew for maintaining the rink, and also to the library for providing rental skates.

Special grant funded capital projects will be occurring at the airport in the Spring as described later in this newsletter.  As the only public airport in Madison County, it is a tremendous asset to the local community.  In a “normal, non-pandemic” year, it records more than 17,000 takeoffs/landings, including flight school activity. It is estimated that the direct economic benefit of the airport to Madison County merchants and service providers is about $1M per year. In addition, we have been fortunate that private flight providers and generous local pilots have assisted residents needing rapid transportation for urgent medical treatment.  During the current renovations at Community Memorial Hospital, provisions have been made to assume responsibility for their medical helicopter transports. The airport is an incredible community asset that we must nurture.

Please stay healthy and safe.  And remember……. we are all in this together.

All the best, RuthAnn

It’s Winter! 

Please Help Keep the Sidewalks Clear! –  We take pride in Hamilton being a walkable community, even in the winter. The DPW works diligently to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks, but the Village Code obligates all property owners to keep their sidewalks free from snow, ice and other obstructions. Please help your friends and neighbors by cleaning and salting your sidewalks. If you have any questions about sidewalk cleaning, please call the DPW at 315-824-2590.

Don’t Let Your Water Meter Freeze – Property owners are responsible for the cost of replacing frozen water meters, as well as the cost of water spilled from broken pipes. Please make sure windows and basement openings are secure for the winter to keep water pipes and meters from freezing.

Help Us Keep the Streets Clear – On-street parking is prohibited from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. to allow the DPW to clear the streets in the winter. Please inform any out-of-town visitors!

Help us with Garbage and Recycling Pickup – Please be considerate of our DPW workers and their safety when putting your garbage and recyclables out for pickup. The Village Code requires that all cans, bags and bundled refuse be placed within three feet of the curb.


What’s Happening at the Airport – This Spring and Summer, two significant construction projects are expected to get underway at the Airport. The first project, funded entirely by federal FAA grant funds, is a reconstruction and expansion of one of the paved apron areas east of the taxiway to provide additional space for the parking of jets during times of high airport use. This will significantly enhance operations safety by relieving the current situation that forces jets to park on the taxi way, thereby requiring aircraft to taxi back on the runway after landing. Construction is expected to begin in April, beginning with the relocation of utility lines and the demolition of one of the old wooden hangars.


The second project, expected to be under construction by mid-Summer, involves the main terminal hangar and terminal. The project is approximately 93% funded by grants from the New York State Department of Transportation, and will include a new hangar roof and main hangar door and all new energy efficient doors and windows, as well as insulation and improvements to the hangar’s heating and utility systems.  The small outdated terminal addition on the north side of the hangar will be removed and replace with a new terminal facility with modern amenities to welcome air travelers to the community. Construction is expected to be complete by the Spring of 2022.


Think Spring – Thanks to Colgate University, the Village planted over 100 donated trees in 2020 and we have plans to plant another 20 trees this April. To inquire about a tree near your property, please email us at:


Codes Corner – Please be reminded that most permanent residential fences now require a building permit prior to starting construction. If you are planning on building a fence this year, please contact Code Enforcement Officer, Don Forth at 315-824-1111.


Village Office – The Village Office remains closed to the public for the protection of our employees and residents. If you need assistance with a Village matter, please call 315-824-1111 between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., or email the Village Clerk at and arrangements will be made to address your concern. Unless it is absolutely necessary to come into the Village Office, all requested documents, such as payment receipts, birth and death certificates, etc., will be returned by mail. You can find information about Village services, updated news, and board meeting minutes on the Village website:

Through the support of Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand in the US Senate and the efforts of Congressman Brandon Williams, who initiated the process in the House of Representatives, the Village of Hamilton has been approved to receive $1M in congressional funding for our Route 12B water infrastructure improvement project. We are so grateful for the support of our political leaders and their understanding of local issues.

When the DOT refurbishes our 12B corridor, the Village anticipates replacing water and sewer pipes that are 100 years old. This is an immense project and this grant will  help lessen the burden on our taxpayers.