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November 2020 Newsletter


Reminder! — Email Contact: Sign up to access your Utility Bills online – all you need is an email address, your account number, and the last payment amount. Once enrolled you will receive an email notice that your bill is available to view, print and, if you choose, pay online. You will also have access to your account transaction and consumption history. Please direct any questions to

As we all navigate through these uncertain pandemic influenced times, the ability to effectively distribute reliable community information is more important than ever. We believe that email notifications of Village news and events may be the most effective method to reach the maximum number of residents and we are in the process of updating our resident contact information to include current email addresses. If you would like to be included in future email notifications, please send your name, address, phone number and email address to Please indicate that you would like to receive information notifications and/or utility bills via email.

From the Mayor’s Desk Hello Neighbors,

A few weeks ago I joined several other upstate mayors for a news conference in Syracuse urging the state and federal government to provide financial assistance to municipalities to help offset the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Soon after, one of those mayors tested positive for the virus. As a result, the other mayors and I each quarantined for two weeks, even though we had followed precautionary procedures. Thankfully, no one else became infected, which reinforced the importance and effectiveness of social distancing and wearing masks. As COVID spikes within New York State and around the country, I am grateful that our local community, including Colgate, continues to be vigilant in adhering to the pandemic protocols.

This holiday season we will each be faced with our own decisions about what is appropriate and safe for our families. The I-IBA is working with community members to design an appropriate way to observe our traditional “Night of Lights.” While social distancing dictates that the format will be different from past years, we still look forward to celebrating the spirit of the season. Watch for more information. As always, I urge everyone to shop locally and support Hamilton businesses.

Hamilton’s Municipal Utilities Commission and our municipal electric utility, formed in 1895, has provided us with some of the country’s lowest electric rates for 125 years. Today the MUC also oversees our water treatment and distribution facilities, the wastewater collection and treatment system and the Village natural gas utility, all staffed by local employees and operated to provide cost savings to our customers. This edition of our newsletter highlights the many projects undertaken by our Village Utility Departments. Even after more than two years as mayor, I am still in awe of the many accomplishments of our staff, especially during this challenging time.

Let us continue to work together to keep our Village healthy and safe — we are all in this together. I send special wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving when we can take a moment to renew our thanks.

All the best, RuthAnn

Water / Wastewater Department – This has been a very busy year for the Village Water / Wastewater Department, headed up by Department Foreman, David Jordan. The multi-year, $13 million dollar project to upgrade the Village wastewater treatment plant has been completed and a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled to take place at the plant on November 19th at 4:00 p.m. These upgrades are designed to allow the plant to function more efficiently and meet federal and state discharge limits for many years into the future, thereby protecting the waters of the Chenango River and Chesapeake Bay.
In addition to the periodic routine testing of the Village water supply for a wide range of potential contaminants, this year the Water Department has performed several rounds of testing for the presence of lead in the Village drinking water. Another round of tests is currently being conducted, but to date the extensive testing has produced no evidence of lead contamination in the Village water supply that exceeds federal standards.

The Department has also assisted in bringing to fruition the new Chenango Hill residential subdivision under construction adjacent to the Five Trees neighborhood by completing water main connections and overseeing sewer lateral connections.

Natural Gas Utility— The Village Natural Gas Utility began operation in the fall of 2014 with basically three customers — Colgate University, Community Memorial Hospital and the Hamilton Central Schools. As a result of the diligent efforts of Department Foreman Chris Carhart and his crew, the system now has approximately 180 customers.

Pursuant to an intermunicipal agreement with Madison County, the Village is constructing approximately 1.5 miles of new gas main from Fargo Corners to the site of the new County Highway Garage on Brown Road in the Town of Eaton. Despite challenging soil conditions, this line extension is expected to be completed by the end of the year. In another example of municipal cooperation, the Village was also able to assist the Village of Bath with repairs to its natural gas distribution system.

As this newsletter is being circulated, the Gas Department is installing new gas mains and services to serve the Chenango Hill subdivision

Electric Utility- In addition to the regular duties of maintaining and repairing the Village electric system and providing mutual aid assistance to other utilities during outages, Foreman Bart King and his crew of linemen and utility workers have been busy this summer constructing a major upgrade to the Village electric system. Referred to internally as “Circuit 7”, this upgrade will improve overall system reliability by reducing the electric load on existing circuits within the system. The Electric Department is also doing its part for the Chenango Hill subdivision, installing new primary electric cable and individual house service connections, as well as the street lighting for the new neighborhood.

Codes Corner— The Village Board is considering a local law intended to provide for more effective notifications of pending zoning applications to residents and to also modify existing regulations regarding fences on residential properties. A public hearing on this proposed local law, which can be obtained by contacting the Village office, is scheduled for November 17th at 6:00 p.m. at the Courthouse on Montgomery Street.

Village Office – The Village Office remains closed to the public. If you wish to make an appointment to

7:30-4:00, or email the Village Clerk at You can find information about Village services, updated news, and board meeting minutes on the Village website:

Through the support of Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand in the US Senate and the efforts of Congressman Brandon Williams, who initiated the process in the House of Representatives, the Village of Hamilton has been approved to receive $1M in congressional funding for our Route 12B water infrastructure improvement project. We are so grateful for the support of our political leaders and their understanding of local issues.

When the DOT refurbishes our 12B corridor, the Village anticipates replacing water and sewer pipes that are 100 years old. This is an immense project and this grant will  help lessen the burden on our taxpayers.