Digital Sign

Village Digital Sign

The Village Board is exploring the idea of purchasing a digital sign to improve awareness of the many public events happening in our community – including the Farmer’s Market, concerts in the park, important meeting information, road closures, etc…
The location being considered is the southern part of the Village Green across from Community Bank. Members of the Village Board worked with Village staff to identify an area that would not present a traffic hazard and would not take away space that is currently used for activities. We also wanted a location that would be visible not just to Hamilton residents but to those passing through.

Our biggest concerns are that the sign not degrade the look and feel of our Village Green, that the facade be compatible with our existing structures, and that we purchase a quality sign that will withstand harsh weather. Please take a moment to look at the renderings of the sign and location and then provide feedback by answering a few questions.

Heading North on Route 12B

Heading South on Route 12B