December 4, 2019
Over the past several weeks the Village of Hamilton has contacted more than 60 property owners receiving Village water service seeking their cooperation in providing water samples from their buildings. This is part of the Village’s ongoing effort, in cooperation with Colgate University, to assess concerns regarding lead levels in drinking water first detected in a number of University-owned buildings. The current test locations were selected to provide data from buildings of different ages distributed throughout the Village’s public water service area. Almost all of the requested samples have been received and sent to a certified testing laboratory for analysis, and the Village expects to have most test results back within the next two weeks.
Also over the last several weeks, the Village and the University have jointly interviewed several engineering firms with experience in public water quality assessments. The Village will be retaining MRB Group of Rochester, New York and Colgate University will be retaining GHD Group of Syracuse, New York to work cooperatively, in accordance with guidance from the Madison County and New York State Health Departments, to assess conditions within the Village water system and individual University buildings. MRB Group will conduct a comprehensive review of all water test results and the Village’s overall water quality parameters to better analyze the various conditions which may be factors contributing to high lead test results in certain locations within the Village. Following that analysis, it is expected that MRB Group and GHD Group will provide advice and recommendations regarding any appropriate options for improving water quality that may be implemented both on a system-wide basis and with respect to specific areas and properties.
While the Village remains confident that the water supply itself does not have elevated levels of lead, it is important to be aware that conditions at particular locations and buildings throughout the system can vary widely and, in some instances, can result in lead content levels that are in excess of the EPA action level. The Village’s most recent Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2018 is posted on the Village website:, which includes important information about minimizing your risk of lead exposure from plumbing fixtures that may be present in your home or place of business.