• Gas

The Village of Hamilton has passed legislation enabling the formation of a municipal gas authority to supply natural gas to the major users in the Village as well as residents.

  • Water

The New York State Health Department oversees the operation of this program. Our personnel have been certified by the State Health Department. The water department treats and pressurizes the distribution system that provides our water from a nearby aquifer.

  • Sanitary

The waste water department is responsible for treatment of all effluent in the Village. Compliance with all state and federal clean water requirements is a priority for all municipalities. The office is open from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm and can be reached at (315) 824-1760 or the Village office at (315) 824-1111.

  • Electric

Hamilton is one of approximately 35 communities that owns its electric distribution company. The Electric Utility supplies low cost electricity to all Village residences, businesses, Colgate University, Community Memorial Hospital, and other establishments. The Municipal Electric Department can be contacted at (315) 824-2120 from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm or the Village office at (315) 824-1111.

  • Telecom

Time Warner and Verizon provide typical telecommunication services to the site.

  • Area & Lots

The airpark site plan shows the available location and size of building lots in the airpark.  See

  • Airport

The village operates a full service general aviation airport adjacent to the Airpark Industrial Park.  The airport is the only public use airport in Madison County. The 5300 foot long runway with a full taxiway allows a variety of jet aircraft to land in Hamilton.

  • Madison County Industrial Development Agency

The mission  of the IDA is to cultivate development throughout Madison County, New York, to generate and enhance the livelihood of area businesses, industries, communities, and citizens, and enrich the overall quality of life. This is accomplished by facilitating the financing of construction or rehabilitating of facilities and equipping them to expand job opportunities within the area.

  • Transportation amenities and proximity to metro areas

The airpark is located within the Village of Hamilton on NY State Route 12B about 1 mile north of the village center.  The junction with US Route 20, a significant east-west route, is 4 miles north of the airpark.  The NY Thruway in Utica is 30 miles north and the city of Syracuse is 35 miles WNW of the airpark. See location map at

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